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Highlighter’s open, public book clubs and inventive note-taking and discussion tools make learning more effective.
Join or create book clubs
Highlight ideas
Follow other readers
Engage in dialogue
Build your knowledge bank
Join book clubs
Browse open, public book clubs for community-curated Highlights and commentary from other readers. Or create a new book club to start the discussion about your latest read.
Highlight ideas
Snap a photo of any page you’re reading. Use your finger to highlight a noteworthy passage directly from your phone and add your own thoughts for good measure. Then publish it to your digital library so you’ll never forget that genius idea.
Leverage your knowledge bank
Highlighter organizes the Highlights, notes and discussion threads from book clubs into a searchable digital library so you can easily access learnings from the community.
Curate your community
Find and follow other readers, thinkers and leaders on Highlighter to see what they’re reading and discussing.
Join the conversation
Comment on other readers’ ideas and share your own with a community that can help strengthen and spread your unique point of view.
“I’ve always struggled with wanting to take notes without marking up physical books. Highlighter gives you the best of both worlds.”
Arianna Simpson
Favorite book: The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins
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