Common Questions
What is Highlighter?
Highlighter is a place for creators and audiences to co-create live, participatory, published video discussions. You can watch our past discussions here.
Who can use Highlighter?
We welcome anyone to attend and participate in events hosted on Highlighter. Find upcoming events onĀ
How can creators use Highlighter?
Creators can use Highlighter to build a beautiful event page, build audience, showrun participatory discussions, and publish livestreams to YouTube. Sign up for beta access to our creation tool.
What devices can I use Highlighter with?
Anyone can access Highlighter on the web. Our live video discussions work best on Chrome, but we also support Safari.
Why does Highlighter require real names?
We require real names to promote thoughtful, high-quality discussion and discourage trolling, spamming, and other forms of harassment.
Why do I have to provide my phone number to create an account on Highlighter?
We require phone numbers to discourage members from creating multiple accounts with alternative or misleading identities.
Still have questions? We'd love to hear from you! Send us a note at