Common Questions
What is Highlighter?
Highlighter is a personal knowledge bank and collaborative learning network that makes learning more effective. Highlighter's website and iOS app (currently in beta) enables you to join open, public book clubs and then highlight, save and discuss ideas from whatever you're reading.
What features are included on Highlighter?
All Highlighter members have access to the full suite of website features. This means you can create and follow book clubs, follow other readers, see Highlights within book clubs, view other readers' Highlights and commentary, and upvote or downvote Highlights and replies within discussion threads.
Currently, a subset of features is available only on the Highlighter iOS beta app. These include the ability to create Highlights, upload Highlights to your digital library, and share ideas and respond to replies within book clubs.
On what devices can I access Highlighter?
Highlighter is currently available on the web and as a beta app for the iPhone. To request access to the Highlighter app and stay in the know as we bring Highlighter to more devices, join the waitlist.
How much does it cost to join Highlighter?
During the Highlighter beta, all Highlighter members enjoy complimentary access to the full suite of Highlighter features (note that creating Highlights and replying to discussion threads is only available to members who have been invited to use the Highlighter iOS beta app).
How it works
How do I highlight a passage from something I'm reading?
Currently, the ability to highlight passages is only available on the Highlighter iOS beta app.
To request access to get the Highlighter iOS beta app, join the waitlist.
To create a Highlight from the Highlighter iOS beta app, first, take a photo of a page from anything you're reading. Then, use your finger to highlight an interesting idea or excerpt directly from your mobile device and upload it your digital library on Highlighter. We've been told it's pretty slick - but don't take our word. Try it for yourself!
What types of content can I use with Highlighter?
Highlighter currently works with any type of written text - in digital or analog form. You can take a screenshot of anything you're reading from a physical book, e-book, or magazine and categorize it and upload it to your digital library on Highlighter.
What does it mean to publish a Highlight?
Publishing a Highlight simply means saving it to your digital library on Highlighter. By default, your Highlight is publicly visible to all other Highlighter members following the text from which the Highlight originated. However, you can always opt to make your Highlight private by toggling the privacy setting to “Private” before publishing your Highlight.
Why does Highlighter require real names?
Highlighter is a place for people to read, learn and discuss ideas. Using real names promotes thoughtful, high-quality discussion and discourages trolling, spamming or other forms of harassment. To maintain respectful and safe community forums, we require members to participate in Highlighter with their real name tied to a single account. For more information about our values and code of conduct, please visit our About Us page.
Why do I have to provide my phone number to create an account on Highlighter?
Highlighter is committed to creating a safe, authentic forum for learning and discussion. We believe that depends on members commenting and replying with their real identities. Requiring a phone number to create an account limits the likelihood that user can create multiple accounts with different names and participate under false or misleading identities.
The Highlighter Waitlist
What is the Highlighter waitlist?
The Highlighter waitlist enables early Highlighter members to request access to the Highlighter website and iOS app, which is currently still in beta and not publicly available on the App Store. The Highlighter iOS app additionally includes the ability to capture and share Highlights and to reply to Highlights in open public, book clubs.
Can anyone join the waitlist?
The Highlighter waitlist is open to everyone.
How does the waitlist work?
Highlighter will notify members on the waitlist via the email associated with their Highlighter request when they are invited to access the Highlighter iOS beta app.
Highly engaged members are most likely to be moved off the waitlist and invited to try the beta app. While we don’t have strict guidelines when reviewing the waitlist, we consider the quality of your contributions to the Highlighter community and the date on which you first joined the waitlist when extending invitations.
If you are extended an invitation to try the Highlighter beta app but do not download it within two weeks, you may be removed from the waitlist to make room for other members.
How can I download the Highlighter beta iOS app?
If you received an invitation to try the Highlighter beta iOS app, download the TestFlight app [link to TestFlight app] from the App Store and then use the link in the email you received from Highlighter to install the beta app. You must be on iOS 13 or higher to use the beta app.
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